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How to Generate a Random Number between Two Values (RANDIT)

Using Advanced Expression Piping within your forms you can create mathematical formulas in order to calculate a value. The RANDIT function is used to generate a random number between two values when needed. 

The RANDIT function generates a random number within the range set by the two values you enter in. The number range for how big the values can be is not set. The only requirement for the function is that the lowest value must be first as the first value always states the start of the range and the second value is the end of the range.

The setup and formatting of the RANDIT expression is imperative in preventing an error message from appearing on your form where the result of your expression would normally appear. The first line of the RANDIT expression should be set up as follows: 

{{ RANDINT(1, 100) }}
  • Each expression is always contained within a pair of double "curly" brackets {{  }}
  • There should be a space between the first instance of RANDINT and the last bracket
  • Each value can only be a whole number
  • Always close each RANDINT operation with brackets ( )

What's different about RANDIT compared to some of the other functions is that it is not dependent on other questions within the form.