Survey End Page

The Survey End Page collector option lets you choose what respondents see after they complete your survey.

To edit the Survey End Page:

  1. From the Collect Responses section of your survey, click the name of the collector and access the collector options. You may need to click Show advanced options.
  2. Click on Survey End Page.
  3. Choose one of the available options.
TIP! The Survey End Page you select is saved to the individual collector. You need to choose a Survey End Page for each of the survey's collectors separately.

Survey End Page Options

You can edit the Survey End Page on some paid plans. If it isn't available on your plan, you'll see the option to upgrade when trying to use the feature in your account.

Depending on the collector type you're using, you can choose one of the following options:

On, show the standard end pageBy default, respondents go to a SurveyMonkey webpage after they complete your survey. This page thanks them for taking the survey and provides information about our site.
On, show a custom end pageRedirect respondents to your own webpage upon survey completion. Enter the URL to a website of your choice.
Off, loop to start of survey and allow another responseOpen the first page of your survey to record a new response. You must be using a Web Link Collector and turn on Multiple Responses to use this option.
Off, close the survey window or tabHave the survey tab or window automatically close upon completion. Depending on a respondent's browser settings, respondents may see a blank page or be prompted to confirm they want to close the window.

The Survey End Page option isn't avaialble on the Embedded Survey Website collector.

SurveyMonkey Branding

You can remove SurveyMonkey branding that may appear as a part of the Survey End Page if you're using the White Label URL on your collector.

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