Ways to Send Your Survey

After you finish designing your survey, create a collector to distribute it. Survey responses are then recorded directly in your account.

To start collecting responses:

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Choose the preferred collector type based on your survey needs. If you already have a collector, click Add New Collector in the upper-right corner of your collector list.
  3. Edit the collector options to customize your respondents' survey-taking experience.
  4. Send the survey.
TIP! If you need some extra help choosing a collector type, scroll down the page to watch a nice video overview!

Collector Types

Collector TypeDescription
Web LinkCreate a link or QR code for your survey so you can send or post your survey anywhere you'd like.
Email InvitationUse our messaging system to send your survey by email and easily track respondents.
Social MediaPost your survey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Facebook MessengerSend a survey people can take directly in Facebook Messenger. People chat with the SurveyMonkey bot to answer the survey questions, and the results are recorded in your SurveyMonkey account.
Targeted AudiencePurchase survey responses from people who meet certain demographic criteria. (Not available in all countries.)
WebsiteEmbed a survey into a page on your site, have a survey invitation appear when people visit a specific page of your site, or have the survey appear when people visit a specific page of your site.
Manual Data EntryInput responses collected offline or add responses on behalf of someone without an internet connection.
Mobile SDKGet a survey hash used by app developers to add surveys to iOS or Android apps.

If a collector is greyed out it is disabled because either your survey is accepting payments, the survey was shared and you don't have collector permissions, or the collector is restricted by Enterprise Settings.

You can use multiple collectors per survey to help you reach respondents through various channels. With a paid plan, you can create an unlimited number of collectors per survey, but there's a limit of 3 collectors per survey for free plans. No matter how many collectors are on a survey, all responses are recorded in the Analyze Results section of the survey. You can filter by collector to focus on a particular group of respondents.

Video Overview

Collector Options

Collector options are survey settings that enable you to customize your respondents' survey-taking experience—they affect who can access your survey, how many times respondents can take the survey, and what respondents see when they're done. Additionally, these settings allow you to track respondents or keep results anonymous.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with collector options before sending out your survey!

TIP! Before sending out your survey, take the survey as a respondent would to make sure the collector settings are working as expected.