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Your Billing Details, Invoices, & Payment History

Getting to Your Billing Details

To get to your billing details:

  1. Log in to your SurveyMonkey account.
  2. Click your username in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Billing Details tab.
TIP! Click the following link to go straight to your Billing Details after you log in.

How You're Billed

If you sign up for an annual plan, you pay for a year upfront. Your subscription will auto-renew every 12 months until you cancel it.

If you sign up for a monthly plan, you can choose your billing frequency—every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months. You pay for the first billing cycle upfront, then your subscription will auto-renew according to the billing frequency you chose until you cancel it.

If you're part of a team, see Team Billing for info on how consolidated billing works when paying for multiple accounts at once.

Your Billing Profile

The Billing Profile section of your Billing Details gives you an overview of the cost for your plan and when your next payment is due.

Plan TypeThe set of features you have available in your account. Take a look at the Plans & Pricing details page for a guide to the features available (or not available) on each plan type.
Billing FrequencyHow often you need to make a payment, also known as your billing cycle. In other words, how often your plan auto-renews.
Next Billing DateWhen your paid plan either auto-renews or downgrades, depending on the auto-renew setting.
Auto-RenewIf your subscription renews or downgrades at your next billing date. Learn more: Auto-Renew
Next Billing AmountThe amount due at the next billing date.

Video Overview

Invoices & Receipts

The Billing History section of your Billing Details has a link to your Transaction History tab, which has a record of your upcoming and past invoices.

If you pay for your plan by invoice, you need to pay any unpaid invoices before your next billing date to keep your paid plan active. Instructions on how to pay and our bank information are located directly on the invoice itself.

Editing Your Billing Details

Payment Method & Billing Address

You can update your payment method and billing address in the Payment Information section of your Billing Details. The details that you can edit in your account depend on your payment method.

If your plan downgraded to a free plan, you need to re-upgrade your account to a paid plan to edit your billing details. You can update your payment info and billing address during checkout.

Payment Method
Pay NowIf auto-renew is enabled and your payment method is stored here, it's automatically charged at your next billing date. You can update the payment method details at any time before your next billing date. The billing address should match the one associated with the payment method.
Pay by InvoiceWhen you pay by invoice, we email you and your billing contact an invoice 45 days before your next billing date. You can update the billing address that will be listed on your invoice at any time before your next invoice is issued. We don't store the payment method you used to pay a previous invoice in your account, unless you paid by credit card and chose to store the card as your default payment method.
TIP! If you'd like to be emailed an invoice to pay rather than be automatically charged at your next billing date, you can pay by invoice.

You can update the billing address that appears on your invoice in the Payment Information section of your Billing Details, as long as you edit this information before your next invoice is issued—changes you make in the Billing Details tab are only reflected on future invoices. Please contact us if you need to update an invoice that was already issued.

Billing Contact

You can add or edit a billing contact in the Billing Contact section of your Billing Details.

If you add a billing contact, they receive billing emails so they can make payments for your account without needing to log in. They can also contact us with any billing-related questions about the account, as long as they contact us from the email address you add in the Billing Details tab.

Billing Country or Currency

The currency you’re charged in depends on the billing country, plan type, and payment method. You can edit your billing country in the Payment Information section of your Billing Details. However, your billing country needs to match the country where your payment method is located.

In some situations, you might not able to edit the billing country. Please contact us for more info.

More Topics

Review this help category for more information on other billing-related topics: Payments & Charges

Dalla scheda Dati di fatturazione della sezione Il mio account, puoi accedere alle fatture future da pagare, controllare la prossima data di fatturazione, stampare le fatture non pagate, modificare le informazioni relative al pagamento e alla fatturazione, nonché aggiungere un contatto per la fatturazione per il tuo account.

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