Viewing Your Survey Summary

The Survey Summary page provides an overview of your survey design, collector information, and response data. You can access the Survey Summary page from two places in your account:

  • In a survey, click the Summary tab at the top of the page.
  • On the My Surveys page, click the survey title.

Design Summary

In the left sidebar, you'll see a general summary of some of the settings and features you've engaged in your survey design:

  • Number of questions and pages
  • Survey language
  • Theme
  • Whether or not you've added a logo
  • Whether or not you've added logic (skip logic and/or randomization)

Total Response Count

The total response count shows the grand total of responses submitted to your survey. If your survey has collected responses, click the response count to go directly to the Analyze section to view your results.

Overall Survey Status

The Overall Survey Status shows you the general status of your survey, based on the state of your survey design and collectors. Below is a description of which survey conditions correspond with each possible survey status.


Your survey contains 0 questions.


Your survey contains questions, but you haven't created any collectors.

  • Click the DRAFT status to go directly to the Design section to continue editing your survey.
  • Click V Go To Collect in the progress bar at the top of the page to set up collectors for your survey.

All collectors are unconfigured.

  • Click the UNCONFIGURED status to go directly to the Collect section of the survey to configure your collectors.

Your survey contains questions and has at least one Open or Draft collector.


All collectors are closed, and the survey is no longer collecting responses.

Collector List

A complete list of collectors you've created is shown below the Total Response Count and Overall Survey Status. Here you can view more detailed information about each individual collector:

  • Status (OPEN, DRAFT, or CLOSED)
  • Creation date
  • Number of responses collected

Click any collector title to open that specific collector.

Responses Volume Chart

Below the Collector List is a Data Trends chart that shows when you received responses to your survey. Here you can view how the survey's response rate has changed over time.

The Survey Summary page provides an overview of your survey design, collector information, and response data.

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