Troubleshooting Skip Logic Issues

Review these common issues that arise when using Skip Logic.

Respondents get stuck on one page and can't advance

If a respondent reports that they can't advance past a specific question or page in the survey, it is likely that the Skip Logic on that page is configured to route the respondents to that same page if they select a certain answer choice. When a respondent selects that answer choice and clicks Next, they are sent back to the same page and can't move forward.

Go to Design section of your survey to review the logic pattern of the survey. Start with the question or page that respondents are getting stuck on, and make sure that your logic is configured to move them forward in the survey.

Respondents skipped required questions

If Skip Logic has been applied to the design, then your logic is most likely skipping respondents over sections or pages containing required questions.

Check the survey to confirm what questions/pages have logic and which page it is jumping respondents over.

  • Begin in the Analyze section by selecting to view all pages. (That option is located in the upper left side of the Response Summary page, to the right of the left sidebar.)
  • Any respondent that has been jumped according to the logic will have blank pages. If the respondent was never directed to that page, then that respondent was never able to answer those questions.
  • Pages further along in the design will have their answers on the questions if the respondent was directed to them.

If instead a person just exited early, the rest of his/her response will be blank when viewing the survey.

Logic isn't activating on questions

Skip Logic is only activated when you click Next to go the following page of the survey, so Skip Logic will not be dynamically activated on the same page. We always suggest placing Skip Logic questions at the end of a page for this reason.

Once you click Next to the advance through the survey, you'll find that the logic does activate successfully.

Logic on Checkbox and Image Choice (multiple answers) questions not working

Skip Logic must always work in a 1:1 ratio, meaning there's no way to take multiple conditions into consideration before leading a respondent down a certain logic path. Checkbox and Image Choice (Multiple Answers Allowed) question types do allow Skip Logic, but keep in mind that if several choices with logic applied are selected, the system will only refer to the first selection to determine where to send the respondent next.

Skip Logic skips to the wrong question number

Skip Logic automatically renumbers survey questions based on each respondent's specific logic path. Avoid referring to question numbers in the question text itself, since the numbers may be different for every respondent.

Tips for Successful Skip Logic: Always move respondents forward through a survey by adding skip logic questions at the end of a page. Make sure to preview and test your skip logic to ensure that each logic path is set up correctly.
Review these common issues that arise when using Skip Logic, like respondents getting stuck or not being sent to the correct follow-up question.

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