Copying a Survey

Copying a survey will create a duplicate version of the survey in your account. You can edit the copied version however you'd like without affecting the original survey or its responses.

To copy a survey:

  1. Click + Create Survey in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Choose Edit a Copy of an Existing Survey.
  3. Choose the survey you'd like to copy from the menu.
  4. Enter a title for the copy of the survey.
  5. To review the survey you're about to copy, use the left and right arrow buttons to page through the questions or click Preview to preview the survey design in full.
  6. Click Let's Go! to continue on to edit the copy of the design.


  • Themes, logos, logic, and other survey design settings will carry over to the copied version of the survey.
  • Free BASIC users cannot copy surveys that contain more than 10 questions.
  • You can copy surveys shared with you.
  • You can send a copy of a survey to another account from the My Surveys page.
You can copy a survey within your account, or even have another SurveyMonkey user transfer a copy of one of their surveys to you.

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