Themes let you change the look and feel of your survey by defining color and typography settings for your entire survey. There are three types of themes:

Standard ThemeThese are pre-designed themes you can apply to your survey to change overall the look and feel. With any plan type, you can apply any Standard Theme to your survey, but you need a pro plan to customize it.
Custom ThemeThese are Standard Themes you've customized to match your own preferences, brand, or website. When you create a custom theme, it's saved in your account so you can use it again in the future on any of your other surveys. You can create Custom Themes with any pro plan.
Shared ThemeThese are Custom Themes saved to your team's Library—available to all members of your team. Primary Admins and Admins can add themes to the Library to share them with every member of their team.

As you build your survey, you can always use the rich text editor to make formatting changes to specific text to override the theme settings.

Applying a Theme

To apply a theme to your survey:

  1. In the Design Survey section, click THEMES in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Standard, Custom, or Team.
  3. Click a theme to apply it to your survey. Or, click the down arrow below a theme and choose Apply theme.

Customizing Themes

You can create a custom theme with any pro plan.

To create a new Custom Theme:

  1. In the THEMES section of the sidebar, click STANDARD.
  2. Choose the Standard Theme that's closest to what you want your final theme to look like, and click the theme to apply it. You'll use this theme as a starting point to create your custom theme. Make sure to click the Preview & Test button to get a better understanding of what theme looks like to respondents.
    • TIP! Before spending the time to customize your theme, review the Editing Limitations section below to understand what elements of each Standard Theme can't be edited.
  3. When you're ready to customize it, click the CUSTOM tab in the THEMES section of the sidebar..
  4. Click Add New Theme. This creates a copy of the theme that's currently applied to the survey.
  5. Open each of the following sections to customize the different elements of the theme:

Enter a name for your theme to stay organized. Respondents won't see this.


You can change the color of the elements listed in the table below by using the color picker, or entering your own hex codes.

1Survey Logo Background
2Survey Title
3Survey Title Background
4Survey Background
5Page Title
6Page Title Background
7Page Background
8Progress Bar Text
9Progress Bar Indicator
10Progress Bar Border
11Progress Bar Background
12Page Description
13Error Text
14Required Asterisk
15Question Text
16Answer Text
17Answer Text Highlight

NOTE: The Survey Background color will only show if you haven't added a Background Image.

Button Colors

The background and font colors of the Next button will always match the Survey Title Background and Survey Title settings, which you can edit in the Colors section of your theme. If these colors are the same, the buttons will default to grey with black text.

However, you can't change the button color if you use the Sea Foam or Autumn themes. See the Editing Limitations sections below for more information.



You can choose from several popular web fonts for your survey. Choosing a font from the Font menu applies it to every text element in your survey.

You can override the main font for the Survey Title or Page Title by selecting a different font in those specific sections.

Font Size & Style

For each of the following text elements in your survey, you can edit either the text size, style (bold, italic, or underline), or both—depending on the element.

Text Size
1Survey Title22
2Page Title22
3Page Description 2
4Progress Bar2 
5Question Text22
6Answer Text22
7Exit Link22
8Error Text22


Background Image

You can upload your own background image or select one from our image gallery.

To change the background image:

  1. Click Replace.
  2. Choose From Computer or From Image Gallery. The image gallery is a collection of background images from our standard themes.
  3. In the THEMES section of the sidebar, choose a scaling option: Full Screen or Tiling.

When respondents access your survey on a tablet or mobile device, the background image will disappear to maximize space on smaller screens. Instead, they'll only see the Page Background color.

Editing Limitations

When you customize a Standard Theme, there may be certain visual elements associated with that theme that can't be edited—depending on the theme you're using. For example, some Standard Themes have rounded corners around the survey, or an image behind the survey title. At this time there's no way to remove or change these elements.

View Editing Limitations Per Theme
Editing Limitations
  • You can't change the rounded corners of the survey
Sea Foam
  • The theme is full width, so you can't add a Background Color or Background Image.
  • You can't edit the shape or color of the Next and Previous buttons.
  • You can't change the height of the Survey Title Background.
  • You can't change the rounded corners of the survey.
  • The theme is full width, so you can't add a Background Color or Background Image.
  • You can't edit the shape or color of the Next and Previous buttons.
  • You can't change the height of the Survey Title Background.
  • You can't edit or remove the circles around the question numbers.
  • You can't remove the small horizontal line under the Survey Title.
City Lights
  • You can't change or remove the header background image.
  • You can't change the transparency of the Survey Title Background.
  • You can't remove the drop shadow around the survey.


TIP! If you encounter an editing limitation, apply a different Standard Theme to your survey to use as a starting point for building your custom theme. The Midnight, Spring, Ocean, Seashell, and Aqua themes don't have editing restrictions, so they're good themes to use as a starting point for creating your own custom theme.

Previewing & Testing Themes

As you customize your theme, you can view your changes on the right side of the page. However, to preview the background image, you need to Preview & Test your survey.

Themes in Email Invitations

We automatically apply the same colors you use in your survey theme to your Email Invitations when you use the HTML Template.

  • The header of the HTML Template matches the survey title background color.
  • The Begin Survey button of the HTML Template matches the Done button in your survey.
Themes let you change the look and feel of your survey by defining global color and typography settings to all elements of the same type across your entire survey. With a pro plan, you can customize your theme.

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