Adding Images

There are many ways to add images to your survey in the Design Survey section of your survey.

Adding Independent Images (Separate from Questions)

An independent image is a static image, separate from any survey questions. You can add an independent image via URL from the web, or you can upload the image from your computer.

To add an independent image to a survey:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. In the BUILDER section of the left sidebar, drag and drop Image onto the survey.
  3. Upload an image from your computer, or enter the URL of an image on the web.
  4. Optional: Enter an image label. This label has the same style as question text, and will be visible to respondents.
  5. Optional: Provide a nickname for internal use.
  6. Click Save.

Upload Requirements

  • Format: JPG, PNG, or GIF
  • File Size: 2MB or less
Adding Images to Question Text or Answer Choices

You can use the formatting toolbar to add an image into a question text or answer choice field. You will need to upload your image to your own web server or an image hosting service such as Imgur in order to do this.

To add an image using the formatting toolbar:

  1. In the text field where you want to add an image, click P in the formatting toolbar.
  2. Enter the image URL in the Source field. The URL must end in .jpg, .gif, or .png.
  3. Enter an Image description to add alternative text to the image. This adds an alt attribute to the image. This text will not be visible to other respondents unless they hover over the image.
  4. To resize the image, enter the new dimensions in pixels. To maintain the same height-to-width ratio, select Constrain proportions.
  5. Click Ok.

You can add an image using the formatting toolbar in the following fields:

  • Question Text
  • Answer choice fields (except Dropdown answer choices)
  • A/B Test (Random Assignment) variable fields.

You cannot insert images in the following fields:

  • Validation error messages
  • Answer choices for a Dropdown question type
  • Page Title
  • Page Description
Adding a Background Image

You can add a background image when you create a Custom Theme.

Creating Image A/B Tests

Image A/B Tests allow you to randomly display different versions of an image and set the percentages of your respondents that will be shown each variation.

Learn more: A/B Tests (Random Assignment)

Image File Size Too Large

If the image you want to add to your survey is too large to upload, you can host the image on a third-party site and add it to your survey by entering the URL. Upload limits won't apply.

Resizing Images

When you add an image using the formatting toolbar, you will see the option to change the image dimensions. You can also choose whether or not to constrain proportions to maintain the same height-to-width ratio.

If you need to resize an independent image, you will need to do this in a program outside of SurveyMonkey.

Adding Alternative Text for Accessibility

Section 508 requires that a text equivalent is provided for every non-text element. Alternative text can be presented within the alt attribute of the image, or within the context or surroundings of the image itself.

The best way to add alternative text to an image in your survey is to use the text formatting toolbar to add the image, and then enter an Image Description. This will add an alt attribute to the image, so other respondents won't see the text.

You can add images that are separate from any questions, or add images to question text or answer options.

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