Viewing a Specific Comment in the Analysis

Click the Individual Responses tab and use the left and right arrow buttons to browse through individual answer sets, including open-ended comments.

To view all open-ended comments for a question:

  1. Find the question in the Question Summaries tab.
  2. Click Responses to show all comments.
  3. Click View respondent's answers to see the respondent's answers to the rest of the questions in the survey.
You can also use the text analysis features to search, tag, and filter open-ended responses, as well as identify recurring words or phrases in your responses.

If you'd like to focus your analysis on a specific open-ended question, create a Show rule and choose to show only that question. Show rules also carry over to the Individual Responses tab.

在 [個別回覆] 標籤中,查看受訪者的特定備註。在 [問題摘要] 標籤中,按一下 [回覆] 即可查看開放式備註的清單。