Planned Site Maintenance

Maintenance Completed: Site Maintenance was performed on January 5 from 5:00pm – 11:59pm PST and is now complete. Thanks for your patience!


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the stability of our services, we’ll be performing server maintenance on Friday, January 5th, starting at 5:00 pm PT (Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 1:00 am UTC) for approximately 12 hours. During this time, you won’t be able to access our website or your surveys, and people won't be able to take your surveys. We’ve selected this date and time to minimize the impact to global businesses, as it is historically one of our least active periods for surveys and responses.

For real-time updates during the maintenance window, please follow us on Twitter.

How should I plan?

Since all SurveyMonkey surveys will be down during this time period, we recommend postponing sending any important surveys until after this window. Or, if you've got a survey that will be open during this period, you may want to let your survey takers know they should check back later if they can't get to your survey.

Since exports and our analyze features will also be down, you may want to export your data ahead of time if you're planning on presenting or working with your survey data during this window.

What will people trying to take a survey see?

Anyone trying to visit or submit a live survey during the maintenance window will see a message letting them know our site is down and to try back later. If you've got a white label url, the messaging won't have SurveyMonkey branding.

Will I lose responses?

All responses gathered before the maintenance window will be in your account afterwards. If someone opens your survey before maintenance begins, only survey pages they submit before the site becomes unavailable will be saved. Once maintenance has begun, respondents will see a message letting them know our site is down when they click the Next or Done button on a survey. If your survey collector has response editing turned on, people can visit your survey after the window to finish their response.

Will this affect my automation, app, or integration with SurveyMonkey?

Yes. SurveyMonkey's API will not be available during this window. This will impact any apps or integrations with SurveyMonkey.

If you’re a developer, any requests to the API during this window will return 503 errors. If you're a user of one of our partner apps or integrations, you won't be able to access them during this time and automated events won't happen during this window. If you have workflows that use an automation to create Email Invitations, SurveyMonkey won’t be able to receive those messages during the maintenance.

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