Viewing Individual Responses

To view individual survey responses:

  1. Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey.
  2. Click the Individual Responses tab toward the top of the page.
  3. Use the left and right arrows to browse responses. See additional actions and keyboard shortcuts at the end of this page.

Respondent Metadata

At the top of each individual response, you'll see the following respondent metadata:

CompletenessThe response status: Complete, Partial, Disqualified, or Over Quota.
CollectorThe collector nickname and type.
Start Date & Time*The time the respondent accessed the survey by clicking the survey link.
Last ModifiedThe time the respondent clicked Next or Done, or the respondent's most recent activity if you allow Response Editing.
Time SpentThe difference between the Started and Last Modified times.
IP AddressRecorded if Anonymous Responses is turned off.
Email AddressRecorded if you sent your survey via Email Invitation and have Anonymous Responses turned off.
First & Last NameRecorded if you sent your survey via Email Invitation, included this custom data, and have Anonymous Responses turned off.
Custom Data 1Recorded if you sent your survey via Email Invitation, included this custom data, and have Anonymous Responses turned "off, include all respondent information" or "on, only exclude personal information".

* When browsing responses or exporting survey data on SurveyMonkey, the date and time is determined by the time zone of the computer or device you're using.

Filtering by Respondent Metadata

You can filter your survey results by respondent metadata. When creating the filter, you can use a percent sign (%) as a wild card:

  • If you enter a% into the First Name field, only responses from people with first names that start with A are shown.
  • If you enter %@gmail.com into the Email Address field, all @gmail.com email addresses are shown.

Additional Actions & Keyboard Shortcuts

When browsing individual responses, you may find some of the following actions and shortcuts handy.

  • To skip directly to a specific respondent, click the Respondent # drop-down menu and enter the number.
  • Use the All Pages drop-down menu to show All Pages or only one page at a time.
  • EditDelete, or Export an individual response in the upper-right corner of the grey box with the respondent metadata.
  • Hit j on your keyboard to view the previous respondent.
  • Hit k on your keyboard to view the next respondent.
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