Single Textbox Question

The Single Textbox question allows you to collect short open-ended answers from respondents. You can also validate the question to require answers in a specific length or format.

Video Overview

Creating a Single Textbox Question

To add this question type:

  1. Drag and drop Single Textbox into your survey from the BUILDER section.
  2. Enter the question text.
  3. Configure any additional options.
  4. Click Save.
Additional Options

Under the Options tab, you can further customize the question in the following ways:

Learn more: Editing Questions

Survey Behavior

Before you send out your survey, preview your survey design to see what your survey will look like to respondents.

If you validated answers for a specific format, make sure to customize the question text and error messages so respondents know how to answer the question correctly.

Analyzing Results

See example results (English only) »

When you view your responses in the Analyze Results section, you'll see a list of all the open-ended responses.

Click View respondent's answers below any comment to jump to the respondent's individual response.

You can also use the text analysis features to identify and tag recurring words or themes in your responses.

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