Custom Sender Name & Email

ENTERPRISE FEATURE: If you're interested, contact sales. If you already have an Enterprise account, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Using a Custom Sender Name & Email lets you highlight your organization's brand and personalize your Email Invitation. When you send an email invitation, survey-takers see the Custom Sender Name & Email in the From field so they can quickly recognize who the survey is from.

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Editing the Custom Sender Name & Email

Your team's Primary Admin sets up the domain and default sender name and email address for your team. Anyone on the team can update the Custom Sender Name & Email when choosing collector options for an email invitation.

To change the Custom Sender Name & Email:

  1. Compose your invitation message and click Next.
  2. Click Custom Sender Name & Email.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Edit the sender Name.
  5. Edit the Email Address. You can only edit the first part of the email—everything before the @ symbol. The domain will always match the domain of your team.
  6. Click Save.

All new email invitations will be sent using the Custom Sender Name & Email. Any emails sent or scheduled before Custom Sender Name & Email was set up for your team continue to send from the sender email address.


Don't worry if your Custom Sender Name & Email isn't a valid reply-to email address. Any replies to your email invitation are sent to the account email address, unless your Primary Admin has set up a reply-to email for your team. To know what to expect, reach out to your Primary Admin.


When your Primary Admin sets the custom domain for your team, it’s not possible to use the SurveyMonkey.com or Research.net sender domains. You can still use the White Label URL for your survey.


What Survey-Takers See

From Field

When people see an email invitation in their inbox, the From field will look like this:

[Name] < Email Address@example.domain.com >

To Field

Each person gets a unique email invitation and can only see their own email address in the To field.