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Sharing Survey Results

There are a few ways to share your survey results, depending on how much access you want to give to other people and how much you'd like to customize your presentation.

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ExportsExport survey data to download an offline copy of your survey results. Choose from PDFs, spreadsheets, and more!
Shared Data PagesShare a link to your survey results online.
Results DashboardsCreate a customizable dashboard to present your survey results and insights. Add charts and text, then share your dashboard with anyone.
CollaborationShare your survey with members of your team to give them direct access to analyze the results.
Crea pagine di dati condivisi per condividere on-line i risultati e i grafici della tua indagine. Puoi controllare chi può accedere alla tua pagina di dati condivisi e quali dati desideri includere.

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