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Our Slack integration lets you use slash commands to ask questions or interact with your other surveys directly from Slack. You can get the integration from SurveyMonkey's App Directory or from Slack's.

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TIP! Type the /surveymonkey command in Slack to get help using the app and see what you can do with it.

Connecting Your Account

Connect your SurveyMonkey by Slack by typing /surveymonkey in Slack. The app will respond with a link you can click on to connect.

You'll need to authorize Slack to connect with your SurveyMonkey account when prompted and be able to login to your SurveyMonkey account. When you're successfully connected, the SurveyMonkey app will message you on Slack to let you know.

Asking Simple Questions in Slack

The /ask command let's you poll a Slack channel and ask a single question.

To set up a poll in Slack, first go to the channel you want to poll. You'll need to invite the integration into any private channels. Once you’re there, type /ask followed by the question you want to ask (in quotes), and then each answer option (in quotes). Here's an example:

/ask "What should we get for lunch today?" "Tacos" "Sushi" "Ramen"

Once you press Enter, you can preview the survey and set up some options before posting. Your work will be hidden from anyone else in the channel you're typing in until you post.

OptionHow it works
Hide ResultsResponse counts won't display beneath your poll.
Make AnonymousHow each person answered won't show in your poll's thread.

When you post, the app direct messages you the options to close or remove your poll. Closed polls still show, but can no longer collect responses. Removed polls disappear. You can also remove a poll the same way you'd delete any other message in Slack.

Your poll and its responses show up in SurveyMonkey with the question you asked as the survey title.

You can analyze your responses in SurveyMonkey, but you should manage your poll's design and behavior in Slack. Changes made to the design, settings, or collector settings of your poll in SurveyMonkey won't change how it looks or behaves in Slack.

Sharing Surveys, Results, and Inviting Collaborators

The /survey command lets you choose a survey and invite members of a Slack channel to comment on it, view its results, or take it.

Type, /survey in a Slack channel and you'll be asked to choose one of your existing surveys, what you'd like to do with it, and the channel you'd like to share to.

Setting Up Notifications for Responses or Comments

The /survey command also lets you notify a channel when new responses come in or a collaborator leaves a comment on one of your surveys.

If you're setting up response notifications, you'll have the choice to set them instantly or to get a once-a-day summary. You'll get comment notifications soon after a comment comes in.

You can view and delete notifications you've setup by typing: /survey notifications

TIP! Set your notifications to only send to you by setting up a notification in a direct message with yourself.

Disconnecting Your Account

You can disconnect your SurveyMonkey account from Slack by typing: /survey disconnect

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