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Admin Dashboard

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If you're a Primary Admin or Admin of an Enterprise team, the Admin Dashboard gives you more visibility into your team's activity.

  • View usage metrics like the number of surveys each user has in their account, and the date of their last login.
  • Preview the surveys in each account to better understand how people on your team are using SurveyMonkey.

To get to the Admin Dashboard:

  1. Select My Team from the main navigation.
  2. Select Admin Dashboard.

The User Table lists all the users on your team, and the following usage metrics about each account:

EmailThe email address associated with the user's account.
UsernameThe username of the account.
First NameThe first name of the user, from their My Account page.
Last NameThe last name of the user, from their My Account page.
SurveysThe number of surveys in the user's account that were created within the last 365 days. This number includes surveys created by other people on the team and shared with this user.
ResponsesThe number of responses the user's account has collected within the the current billing cycle. All responses, including ones you delete or transfer out, count towards the total number of responses collected within the survey owner's account.
ModifiedThe modified date of the most recently modified survey on the account.
LoginThe most recent date the user logged into the account.
CollaborationA checkmark in this column indicates that there are shared surveys in this user's account.
RoleThe user's role on the team. See: Team Seat Types, Roles, & Permissions
DepartmentThe user's department, as defined in your company's Identity Provider (only available on teams with SSO enabled).
Cost CenterThe cost center associated with the user, as defined in your company's Identity Provider (only available on teams with SSO enabled)
  • Filtering the User Table
  • Searching the User Table
  • Exporting the User Table

You can view a table of all the surveys in an individual user's account, and preview the survey designs directly from the Admin Dashboard.

The Admin Dashboard does not include access to survey results. To view the responses of a survey, ask the survey owner to share the survey with you or share their survey results.

To view a list of surveys in a specific account:

  1. Go to the Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click the number in the Surveys column next to the user whose surveys you'd like to see.

The table includes the following information about each survey in a user's account:

TitleThe survey title (nicknames don't show here).
Share Status (under Title)For shared surveys, we specify if the user is the survey owner or if another user on the team shared the survey with them.
Created Date (under Title)The date the survey was created.
ModifiedThe date the survey was last modified.
QuestionsThe number of questions in the survey.
ResponsesThe number of responses the survey has collected.
LanguageThe survey language.
CategoryThe category the user selected when they created the survey.

Preview a Survey Click any survey title to preview the entire survey—responses won't be recorded.

  • Searching the Survey Table