CX: Syncing Data to SurveyMonkey Core


CX: Syncing Data to SurveyMonkey Core

SURVEYMONKEY CX:SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

BETA FEATURE: This feature is in beta. Contact your CSM for more information.


If you plan to use a 3rd party integration with your SurveyMonkey CX account, like Salesforce, read on to understand how the CX survey export feature works.

The CX survey export feature enables users to export CX surveys and data to a "core" SurveyMonkey account. From there, you can use the SurveyMonkey for Salesforce Integration, API, or other integrations we offered on the core SurveyMonkey platform. Here's a list of all integrations available:

(If you'd like to sync to core SurveyMonkey in order to utilize the API, contact your CSM or for more documentation.)

When you export a survey that has collected responses from CX, the survey design is exported to your SurveyMonkey account but response data is paused. We do this so you can set up any integrations for your CX survey in SurveyMonkey core before response data comes over.

The 3rd party integration will only sync responses that are collected after the setup of the integration.

Because the 3rd party integration needs to be set up in SurveyMonkey before syncing data, we strongly recommend reaching out to your CSM to complete the below steps together. Here's a guide for the order of operations in setting up a sync to core SurveyMonkey:

Note: the sync to SurveyMonkey core is only available on some plans. Reach out to your CSM or to to see if it's available for you.

Step 1: Connect your CX account to your SurveyMonkey account:

  1. Log into your CX account and click on Settings .
  2. Go to Integrations.
  3. Click Connect SurveyMonkey and authorize the connection. If you have already connected a SurveyMonkey account to CX, you will need to disconnect and reconnect it.

Step 2: Select a Survey to Export to CX

  1. Go to Export a Survey.
  2. Find the survey you'd like to export, and click Export.
  3. You'll see a popup indicating that you'll need to activate syncing data over after the connection is made. Click OK.

Step 3: The survey appears in your core SurveyMonkey account

  1. Go to your core SurveyMonkey account. You should see the exported survey under the My Surveys page.

Step 4: Configure integrations on the core SurveyMonkey end

  1. Reach out to your CSM for specific steps regarding your particular integration.

Step 5: Enable response collection in CX

  1. Go to Integrations in your CX account
  2. Click on your exported survey
  3. Click Start Exporting Responses. Approximately one response will sync per second. You can pause the syncing if desired. Refresh the page to see the syncing progress.
  4. Go to your core SurveyMonkey account. You should see responses in the My Surveys page, and on the Audit Log for some integrations.