CX: Salesforce Integration Overview & Setup Guide


CX: Salesforce Integration Overview & Setup Guide

SURVEYMONKEY CX:SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

The SFDC integration feature allows CX survey responses to be copied over to a instance. Using OAuth, the user allows CX to securely communicate with their SFDC instance using an SFDC-supplied token.

Install the Package

First, a user can install a sandbox or production package (the former to test out syncing) at


Click "Connect" to initiate the OAuth process which will take you to your SFDC instance where you must login and allow access by CX.

Sync all surveys

After successful authentication, you are taken back to CX, and all surveys are then synced in the background.

SFDC package - What's Included

These objects will be installed:

  • SurveyMonkey CX NPS Reply
  • SurveyMonkey CX Reply Contact
  • SurveyMonkey CX Reply Lead

These custom attributes will be added to Contacts and Leads:

  • Sentiment
  • Satisfaction Rating
  • Satisfaction Reason

How to view reply contacts

CX replies will be listed in the list of tabs:

There will be a sortable list of all CX replies:

Example reply page:

To include the CX reply info on a contact record, edit the contact page layout and drag SurveyMonkey CX Reply Contacts onto the layout. This can be found under Related Lists.

You can also edit the fields that are displayed within SurveyMonkey CX Reply Contacts to include fields such as "NPS," "NPS Reason," and "Sentiment." To edit the fields, click the wrench icon and add fields.

Sync schedule

Every midnight, we collect all new responses from the past 24 hours and sync those.

Typical causes of sync problems

  1. Custom required fields in Contacts and/or Leads tables
  2. Changing names of package components
  3. Updating to a new version of SFDC can change the URL. CX saves the previous URL to use for all sync calls.
  4. Using a version of SFDC that doesn't support APEX. Click for a list of versions that support our requirements.
  5. Package wasn't installed properly--check Salesforce permissions, uninstall and reinstall package to fix
  6. Sync is pending--uninstall and reinstall package to fix