CX: Sending Surveys in Multiple Languages


CX: Sending Surveys in Multiple Languages

SURVEYMONKEY CX:SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

Localized surveys allow you to send a CX survey in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, merging all results for analysis. When adding localization to surveys, you'll design the survey in English, designate the languages available for the survey, and upload translations for your custom questions and email message.

Adding Localization to a survey

To add multiple languages, go to the Languages tab and toggle Localization on:

Then, toggle which languages you'd like to include:

Translating the Survey

While CX will automatically translate standard survey text such as the NPS question, you will need to add in your own translations in customized areas. To do this, you'll download a PO file template, add in the translations, and re-upload the translated file.

You can either translate the file manually in CX, or download a PO template:

Manually Translate Surveys

If you manually translate files, type in each translation in the textbox to the right of the English text. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page when finished:

Using a PO file:

Open the file on your computer. We recommend using Poedit or Transifex. Mac users can also use Textedit. If you do not have access to downloaded PO editing software, we recommend using this free PO editor.

Note: If you're using TextEdit on OSX, you'll first need to disable "Smart Quotes" within System Preferences. Open System Preferences, then click Keyboard, then Text, then uncheck "Use smart quotes and dashes."

When using a plain text program like WordPad (PC) or TextEdit (MAC), simply add your translations in between the quotation marks wherever it says msgstr:

Once you have saved your translated PO file (note: the file must be saved in UTF-8 syntax), click Upload Translations to upload to CX:

When the file is uploaded, click Preview to view the survey:

Any missing translations will be pointed out, with an opportunity to view and correct them:

Note: if you upload a new PO file, it will override any previously uploaded PO file within that survey.

Sending a Localized Survey

A survey with localization can only be launched when all selected languages have completed translations.

When sending a survey through an Email Invitation, upload a different CSV file for each language your survey is offered in. For example, you would upload one CSV of customers who speak English, and one for customers who speak French.

When sending the survey with a Web Link, a different link will be generated for each language.

When sending the survey using our API, you'll need to add localization to the end of the API endpoint:

  • "?locale=zh" for Chinese
  • "?locale=nl" for Dutch
  • "?locale=fr" for French
  • "?locale=de" for German
  • "?locale=pt" for Portuguese
  • "?locale=es" for Spanish

This will only work if localization is turned on and .po files have been uploaded for the language selected. For example:

Viewing Surveys in Other Languages

Respondents can toggle between languages in the bottom right corner of the survey:

When viewing the NPS question in other languages the words "friend or colleague" aren't included in the translation to ensure that the meaning of the NPS question is not ambiguous when translated. It's not possible to edit or create translations for this question in the survey.