CX: Evaluation Checklist


CX: Evaluation Checklist

SURVEYMONKEY CX:SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

Ask the right questions

Are you maximizing the potential of your customer experience program? Do you have all of the features and functionality to execute efficiently and decisively? To make sure you’re on track, we recommend reviewing our CX Evaluation Checklist to ensure that you’re leveraging the full power of your SurveyMonkey CX account.

Need to ask custom follow-up questions? CX has got you covered. Ask up to 10 follow-up questions.

Automate: Set it up and watch the results roll in

Let CX take the legwork out of distributing NPS surveys by having it run on autopilot. Taking the manual work out of collecting NPS survey responses will help maximize the amount of responses you collect while freeing up more time for analysis and following up with customers.

One way to automate surveys is to use our API to trigger surveys from your business system (like Salesforce, Mail Chimp, or HubSpot). Our API will trigger email invitations from CX based on an action or parameter defined in your business system. For instance, automatically trigger a CX survey every time you close a customer service case. Not sure where to start? Check out our API documentation, and perhaps provide it to your system Administrator.

You may also consider using the web link, and sending the survey through your own email tool.

Analyze: Gathering important insights

Understanding the reasons and drivers behind your customer satisfaction score is often more important than the score itself. SurveyMonkey CX provides so much more than just an NPS; using our advanced analytics, you’ll learn the why behind your score and what your results mean for your company.

  • Key Driver Analysis: While it’s nice to know the rated average for each of your key drivers, the real question is how each of those items are influencing your NPS score. Use the Key Driver analysis to determine strengths and weaknesses, along with the correlation to your NPS.
  • Revenue Impact: Calculate the financial impact of your NPS and see how improvements can affect the bottom line.
  • Benchmarks: What’s a good NPS? The answer may be relative to your specific industry and company size. Benchmarks will show you how your score matches up against the competition based on over 19 million NPS surveys filled out using SurveyMonkey over time.
  • Automated text categorization: Open ended responses provide great insight into your NPS, but analyzing it can be extremely time consuming. CX allows you to easily spot trends by automatically tagging responses based on sentiment.

Track: Monitoring Your Results Over Time

The goal of any NPS program should be to implement changes to your business that improve your score over time. Are your action plans moving the needle?

As long as you’re consistently collecting data over time, CX will make it easy to view these trends. Go to the Dashboard for your Analysis to see how your NPS and volume is trending over time. Use the date filter to focus in on a specific time frame.


Did you know that SurveyMonkey CX has an integration with If you’re like many companies, your customer data may be primarily housed in Salesforce. Our powerful Salesforce integration allows you to sync your CX data back into Salesforce to maintain a single source of truth.