CX: Using Conversation Templates


CX: Using Conversation Templates

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If you would like to create a templated response that a support specialist can use to reach out to a customer and start a conversation use Conversation Templates. This feature allows you to maintain your brand’s voice and reduce operational time in reaching out to customers.

The below instructions are for Admins only at this time. All other user roles will be able to see the Conversation Templates index page and preview templates but not create new or edit existing templates.

  1. Select Settings in the top navigation menu
  2. Scroll down the page to Conversation Templates
  3. Select +New Template in the top right hand corner

The Template Name is for internal use only. Be sure to name the template something descriptive enough to identify at a later point if you’d like to edit or reorder.

The Message to User field is where you can type your message to the user which will appear as body copy in an email. We do not provide text formatting at this time.

You can insert Dynamic Variables to personalize the outreach to the customer. We do not support variables outside of the options currently provided in the drop down.

Don’t worry, if you make a mistake while including a Dynamic Variable we will surface an error letting you know when you select Save. Simply go and re-insert the impacted variable and select Save.

You can also Enable or Disable templates. Enabled templates will appear as an option for a customer support specialist to use while disabled templates will remain available for Admins to edit but not visible to customer support specialists as a drop down option.

You can also Delete a template and it will no longer appear in the index list of Conversation Templates and be deleted forever.

You can also Cancel and choose to not save any of your new content. You can also select Cancel when editing an existing template and it will not save your new edits.

You can Preview or Edit existing templates from the index page. Previewing the template allows you to see what the customer will receive.

You can Reorder how the templates appear in the index page.

When you Reorder templates you adjust the order in which they appear in the drop down menu for a customer support specialist. You can prioritize your most popular templates to be at the top.

When you are satisfied with your reordering select Save Reorder in order to save your changes or abandon these changes be selecting Cancel.

A customer support specialist will navigate to the Conversation window and can see which templates are available and in the order they are prioritized in.

Once a template is selected it will populate into the text field and convert the dynamic variables. A customer support specialist will still be able to leverage Conversations as they have in the past. More information about the Conversations feature can be found here.