CX: Composing Custom Emails


CX: Composing Custom Emails

SURVEYMONKEY CX:SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

When distributing the NPS survey through an email list or API trigger, you're able to customize the email sent to recipients, as well as the Sender Name, and From Adddress. While it's not required to have a custom message in the email, it does give you the ability to make the message more personalized.

To compose a custom email:

Open your survey and click on Setup

Then click Advanced

Scroll down to Email Settings

From here, you're able to change the Sender Name, From Address, Invitation Subject Line, and the body of the message. Use the Rich Text Editor to make formatting changes to the message.

Underneath the intro message, you'll find a place to write and save a custom reminder message.

Click Update underneath the reminder message textbox to save your work.

To see how your invitation will look when sent, click Preview Invitation Email and Preview Reminder Email

When sending out any email lists for this survey, your custom message will populate!