CX: Best Practices for Sending Surveys


CX: Best Practices for Sending Surveys

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The survey experience is critical to the success of any project. The experience begins when the recipient is first contacted, not when they enter the survey.

Before launching a survey, it is important to review what is being communicated and how it will be delivered to your customers.

Customizing the emails sent from CX

To customize the emails sent to your customers, click Settings within the project.

Type in the name you'd like to appear as the sender in the Sender Name field.

Tip: emails sent from a person are opened at much higher rates than emails sent from a company. Most companies select an executive or another recognizable employee.

Customize the subject line and invitation emails.

Tip: It's no secret, long emails are hard to read. Keep the email content succinct and focused. The NPS question will be embedded directly into the email and this is your call-to-action.

When to schedule your survey for delivery

Delivering your survey at the right time is equally important as a subject line and email copy to maintaining a strong response rate.

The best time to send a survey is a combination of early in the week (Monday through Wednesday is a safe bet) and earlier in the day.

To boost your response rate, include a reminder email either 3, 5, or 7 days after the first touch (we all need a nudge sometimes).