CX: Overview of Analyze


CX: Overview of Analyze

SURVEYMONKEY CX:SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

You've collected NPS survey responses from your customers, now what? SurveyMonkey CX has powerful analysis modules to help you understand your organization's NPS and take action on the insights. Learn more about each analysis module below.


The Dashboard is a high-level overview of the survey results and includes survey-specific NPS, response volume, NPS trends + distribution, and results to any custom follow up questions. It is possible to filter the Dashboard data (and all other Analyze modules) to display data from certain countries, custom tags, or custom data.


Responses displays all individual survey replies. You can drill into individual replies from within this module and reply back directly using Conversations to close the loop with your customers.


Visually track NPS by country using the Map. SurveyMonkey CX will collect the survey responder's location and display NPS by country on a map of the world. Countries that appear green have a higher NPS while countries that are red have a negative NPS.


The Drilldown chart compares NPS across different segments including by country and custom filters. Drilldown is critical to help determine if there are leading and/or lagging segments of your customer base. Any custom filters that are added to the data will be displayed in Drilldown.


SurveyMonkey CX Benchmarks contextualize your NPS based on industry and company size. See how your organization compares to other companies in your industry as well as similarly sized companies across the world. SurveyMonkey NPS Benchmarks is sourced using over 18.5 million NPS ratings from nearly 100,000 organizations.

Key Drivers

The Key Drivers analysis correlates the influence - positive or negative - that each of your Key Drivers has to your NPS. The analysis will uncover the relative strengths and weaknesses of your business. Understanding what areas of the business are impacting your NPS most will help you prioritize areas for improvement.

Revenue Impact

Calculate the financial impact of your NPS using the Revenue Impact module. Revenue Impact uses the number of customers you have, your average revenue per customer (ARPU) and your NPS to calculate its projections. Customers use Revenue Impact to calculate the financial impact of converting detractors to promoters as well as for financial forecasting based.