Transferring a Survey to Another Account

You can transfer a survey from your account to any paid SurveyMonkey account. When you transfer a survey, the whole survey is moved from your account—the survey design, all its collectors, and all survey responses move from your account to the other account.


To transfer a survey:

  1. Go to the My Surveys page in your account.
  2. Click . to the right of the survey you'd like to transfer.
  3. Choose Transfer survey.
  4. Enter the username and email address for the account you want to transfer to. If you're on a Team, choose either Transfer to someone on my team or Transfer to someone outside my team.
  5. Click Transfer.

The survey will be removed from your account right away, but it might take a few minutes to appear in the account you sent it to.

Make sure you type the correct destination username! If you accidentally misspell it or send it to the wrong account, please contact us. It can be tough to track down where the survey went and get it to the right account, so we appreciate your patience.

Transferring Live Surveys

You can transfer a survey that's open and actively collecting responses—the survey continues to collect responses while it's being transferred, and all the results will display in the account you sent it to.

Transferring Shared Surveys

You can only transfer surveys that are owned by you. If you’re transferring a shared survey, existing collaborators will still have the same access to the survey—as long as the account you sent the survey to is in your Team. If they're not in your Team, collaborators will lose access to the shared survey when it's transferred.

Want to keep ownership of the survey? Instead of transferring, you can send a copy of the survey design to another account and keep ownership of the survey, its collectors, and results.

Transferring Surveys with Respondent Authentication

If Respondent Authentication is turned on for any collectors on your survey, the setting is retained as long as you transfer the survey to another account in your team.

If you transfer a survey with Respondent Authentication to an account outside of your team, the collector option is disabled for the new survey owner, and anyone that opens the survey link will see a survey closed message.

您可以將調查問卷從帳戶中轉移到任何已付費的 SurveyMonkey 帳戶。當您轉移調查問卷時,調查問卷設計、所有收集器以及從您帳戶移至其他帳戶的所有調查問卷回覆都會移至其他帳戶。