Making Survey Questions Required

You can make any question in your survey required so that respondents must answer it before submitting the page. By default, required questions are marked by an asterisk (*), but you can choose to hide the asterisks from the OPTIONS section of the sidebar in the Design Survey section of your survey.

If respondents don't answer a required question, they will not be able to advance to the next page until they answer the question within the requirements. You can customize the error message that they see if they leave a required question blank, or if their answer doesn't meet the required range or limit.

When you analyze your results, you may notice that some respondents skipped required questions. This could mean that skip logic skipped them past the question, or that the respondent exited early.

Requiring an Answer to a Question

To require an answer to a question:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. Click a question to edit it.
  3. Click the Options tab.
  4. Select Require an Answer to This Question.
  5. Customize the error message and set a required range or limit (optional).
  6. Click Save.

Requiring Questions in Bulk

You can require all the questions on a page at once, instead of changing the setting on each question one by one.

To require an answer to all questions on a page:

  1. In the Design Survey section, click More Actions at the top of the page whose questions you want to require.
  2. Click Require questions.

There's no way to undo this bulk action, but you can uncheck Require an Answer to This Question under the Options tab for individual questions if needed.

If you need to require a specific range or limit, or customize the error messages, you need to adjust these settings for each individual question.

Requiring a Specific Range or Limit

On question types that allow multiple answer choices, rows, or textboxes, you can set a range or a limit on how many the respondent must answer. The following requirements are available:

  • at least
  • at most
  • a range
  • exactly
  • all

Then you can enter the number of answer choices you want to require the respondent to answer.

Customize the Error Message Specify a required question's range or limit so survey-takers using screen readers can successfully answer your required question.