Whitelist Information for SurveyMonkey


If you're behind a firewall that blocks access to all traffic except for certain domains and the network has granted access to just www.surveymonkey.com, the network administrator needs to add all our domains and subdomains for the site to work properly. Otherwise, you might experience issues, for example certain pages won't load or you won't be able to upload or view files.



The asterisk (*) is a wildcard used to account for any subdomains we use. The last item in the list is for Amazon Web Services, which we use to host logos, images, and file uploads added in your survey design.

Mail IPs & Sender Domains

If you're using Email Invitation to send survey invitation messages and you're experiencing mail deliverability issues, you should send this information to your IT department.

Mail IPs

Fully Qualified Domain Name


SPF & DKIM Records

If you need to verify the authenticity of our emails, you can send the following links to your IT department.

SPF & DKIM Records
BT departmanınızın SurveyMonkey'yi beyaz listeye alması için gerekli etki alanları, alt etki alanları ve diğer bilgiler.

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