Progress Bar

Progress bars let people to see how much of the survey they've finished, and how much they still need to complete.

To turn the progress bar on or off:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. In the left sidebar, click OPTIONS.
  3. Click Progress Bar.
  4. Toggle Show Progress Bar on or off.
Skip Logic If you're using any logic in your survey, hide the progress bar. The progress bar doesn't recalculate if people are skipped past certain questions or pages, so it might confuse people taking your survey.


You can only change these settings if One Question at a Time is turned off. When One Question at a Time is turned on, the progress bar works a little differently. Learn more: One Question at a Time

PositionDisplay the progress bar at the top or bottom of the page.
FormatDisplay the number of pages that have been completed so far, or the percentage of pages that have been completed so far.
Индикатор выполнения показывает участникам, какой объем опроса они уже завершили и какой объем еще осталось завершить.

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