Design & Display Options

You can fine-tune the appearance of your survey by showing or hiding certain elements on the survey page, or adjusting the layout.

When you're designing a survey, you can access the majority of these settings in the OPTIONS section of the sidebar.

LogoAdd a logo to your survey to reflect your brand.
Survey TitleShow or hide the survey title.
Page TitlesShow or hide the page titles at the top of every survey page.
Exit LinkShow or hide the exit button that allows respondents to exit the survey without saving the responses entered on the current page.
Progress BarShow or hide a progress bar at the top or bottom of each survey page.
Question NumbersShow or hide automatic question numbering. You can number questions across the entire survey from 1 to n, or restart question numbering at 1 on every page.
Page NumbersShow or hide the page numbers that appear next to the page title.
FooterHide the "Powered by SurveyMonkey" footer at the bottom of each survey page.
Required AsterisksShow or hide the asterisks that appear next to required questions. If you hide required asterisks, respondents will receive an error message if they try to proceed through the survey without answering all required questions first.
Question Size & LayoutUnder the Options tab of an individual question, adjust the size, spacing, and layout.
ThemesIn the Appearance section of the sidebar, customize the colors and font style of all the various elements of your design.
Formatting TextUse the text formatting toolbar to change the look of survey text, add media, or link to other information.
Survey FormatSurvey format refers to the way your survey displays to people and how they interact with it.
TIP! There are many ways to customize your survey to complement your website or brand. Learn more: Branding Your Survey Design
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