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A Guide to Designing Your Survey

Use this guide to learn the basics of building a survey. If you're having trouble finding a specific feature, use the search bar above to find an answer in our Help Center.

§ Drag-and-Drop Survey Builder

Adding questions to your survey is now easier than ever. Use the Builder menu in the left sidebar to drag and drop questions, pages, and content directly into your survey.


ë Click to Edit

As you build your survey, our live preview feature will instantly reflect your changes. Simply click a question, navigation button, page title, or anything else on your survey to edit it. 

When you're editing a question, be sure to take a look at the settings under the Edit, Options, and Logic tabs to control the kind of data the question will collect.


í All Your Design Tools in One Place

The left sidebar on the left lets you control every aspect of your survey design without leaving the page:


ì Rich Text Editing

We've introduced an easy-to-use rich text editor so you can change your fontinsert imagesadd video, and create hyperlinks.

Utilizza questa guida per ulteriori informazioni di base sulla creazione di un'indagine. Se hai problemi a trovare una funzione specifica, utilizza la barra di ricerca in alto per cercare ulteriori informazioni nel nostro Centro assistenza.

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