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SurveyMonkey's integration with Microsoft OneDrive lets you create and store a file of your survey or results in OneDrive. You can then share this asset just like you would any other file in OneDrive.

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Saving a SurveyMonkey File in OneDrive

You can save a SurveyMonkey survey or create a results view file in your OneDrive account by selecting SurveyMonkey Asset from the + New drop down in OneDrive.

If you choose to create a survey, you'll be taken to your SurveyMonkey account in a new tab where you can create your survey. You'll now find .survey file in your OneDrive account of the survey you've created. Learn more about creating SurveyMonkey surveys here.

You need to create a survey in SurveyMonkey within 30 minutes of clicking the Create button in OneDrive to have your survey successfully saved in OneDrive. If you don't create a survey in this time frame, the placeholder .survey file created in OneDrive will get deleted. Don't worry if you only want to create a first draft of your survey, you can continue to edit your survey in SurveyMonkey at any time and those changes will carry over to your .survey file.

If you choose to create a results view, you'll have the option to select any of your existing surveys in SurveyMonkey. Make sure to choose one that's got responses so there'll be results to add to the view. If you choose a survey without responses, you'll get an error. Once you've selected a survey, you'll find a .results file in your OneDrive account.


Sharing a SurveyMonkey File from OneDrive

You can share your .survey or .results files just like you would any other file in OneDrive. However, what the person you're sharing with can see when they open it depends on the permissions they have for the survey in SurveyMonkey.

If you're sharing a .results or .survey file with someone who is a collaborator on your SurveyMonkey team, they'll have access to the survey or results within their SurveyMonkey account. If you're sharing it with someone who isn't on your team, .survey files will open in a preview and test view and .results files will open as a shared data page.

TIP! Creating a survey you want to share with your SurveyMonkey team? Learn how to manage viewing and editing permissions.

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