CX: Overview of User Roles

SURVEYMONKEY CX: SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

User Roles allow you to categorize team members into three different groups. Each User Role has different permissions, restricting editing access for certain parts of the CX tool depending on the user role.

Please refer to your specific plan details to see if user roles are available to your team.

Overview of each User Role:

Admin: Admins have full access to all features available in your SurveyMonkey CX account. Only Admins are able to create/edit surveys, invite colleagues, and manage users.

Contributor: Contributors can analyze survey responses, manage survey responses, and close the loop with customers. Specifically, Contributors can tag responses, assign them to colleagues, and mark them open/closed. They can also send follow-up messages to customers and leave internal notes for colleagues.

Viewer: A Viewer has read only access to SurveyMonkey CX. Once invited, they can view most areas within the application but are not permitted to make changes.

There's no limit to the number of people that can be assigned to each user role.

Adding User Roles to team members

Admins in an account can change a user role at any time, and can designate a user role when inviting new team members.

Any team members on an Ultimate plan before User Roles launched were automatically added as Admins.

To add a new team member with a user role:

1. Go to Settings and click on Your Team.

2. Click Invite a Colleague.

3. Fill out the form and select a Role when inviting that user to join.

To change a User Role for an existing user:

1. Go to Settings and click on Your Team.

2. Under Your Team, you'll see a list of Team Members. Toggle between All Users, Admins, Contributors, and Viewers:

Click on any user to change their User Role

3. Select Edit User and use the Role dropdown to change their user role. Click Update when you are finished.

How to assign a role to a CX user.

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