CX: Tagging Responses

SURVEYMONKEY CX: SurveyMonkey CX is another SurveyMonkey product that helps increase customer loyalty. If you're interested in learning more, contact sales.

When reviewing individual responses, you may notice some distinguishable trends. Certain responses might all have something in common. Tagging is a feature that helps you to visualize and categorize your responses.

SurveyMonkey CX will tag responses automatically into a pre-defined set of tags using Natural Language Processing technology. If you see a tag with the SurveyMonkey logo, that is CX tagging the response for you automatically.

You can also create your own custom tags. For example, let's say a number of respondents mention that your product is cheap, cost-efficient, affordable. You could tag those responses as "affordability."

To create your own tags, first click into Settings. Once in Settings, click on Manage Tags. From here you can add and delete tags.

To tag a response, select the response by clicking its checkbox. Then, choose the Tag menu towards the right of the screen, and check off as many tags as you wish. You can also tag multiple responses at the same time. You would do this by checking off multiple responses.

You can even filter responses by tag. To do this, select Filters, towards the top right of the screen, and select a tag you want to filter for from the Tag drop-down.

Learn how to categorize your responses using tags.

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