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To create a sentiment based notification based on a customer’s NPS response, leverage our new Notifications feature available under Settings. You can create a Notification for a single survey or across multiple surveys. We will batch and email new Notifications each hour.

The below instructions are for Admins only.

Navigate to Settings > CX Notifications > Notifications Index Page

You can create the following types of notifications:

  • Promoters
  • Passives
  • Detractors

Select +Notification in the top right hand corner. You can also Sort by All Notifications, Notifications Created by Me, or Notifications You are a Recipient Of (in addition to the standard Filters on the left).

Configure your Notification. Add a Title which is what will appear in your Notifications Index page. You can select your Notification to be specific to a single survey or multiple surveys.

Select the Sentiment you want to use in order to trigger the Notification. Next, enter the recipients’ email(s) that you’d like to receive the Notification. Each Recipient must be a CX user in order to gain access to the Notifications History page or respond to a customer via Conversations.

Select Create Notification.Your new Notification has been saved!

Toggle ON or OFF to begin receiving Notifications or to pause Notifications.

Once the Notifications is toggled ON each recipient will receive an email notifying them that they have been selected to receive Notifications along with instructions on how to view future Notifications that they will receive.

We include a reminder about needing access to the CX application in order to view and act upon customer feedback at the end of the email. Recipients of this email can easily request access to CX or ask to be removed from receiving any Notifications emails in the future.

In order to Edit or Delete a Notification, select the Notification from the Index page and then Edit Notification Setup.

Make the Edits to the existing Notification and scroll down to Save Changes or Delete the Notification.>

When a Notification is triggered, each email recipient will receive an email notifying them of how many new responses have triggered the Notification and from which survey(s).

In order to view the responses, the user must select View Responses and login to access the Notifications History index page.

The Notification History page shows your Notifications over the last 7 days and they are organized in hourly batches. If you select an older email you will be taken to that point in time in the Notifications History page. You can select the Date to sort Notifications by day.

Select View in order to view the Customer Profile page with a summary of their responses to the survey to assign this response for follow up or start a Conversation.

User Roles

  • Administrators: Have full access to the entire application and can create, configure, edit, and delete Notifications while being able to view the Notifications index page and Notifications History pages.
  • Contributors: Can view the Notifications Index page and Notifications History pages via Settings and their User Profile drop down menu
  • Viewers: Can view the Notifications Index page and Notifications History pages via Settings and their User Profile drop down menu.
  • Analysts: Can view the Notifications Index page and Notifications History pages via Settings and their User Profile drop down menu.
How to create a sentiment-based notification for you, your team, and other partners in your organization.

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