Survey Design & Character Limits

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Designing a Survey

ItemDesign Limit
Survey Title250 characters
Page Title100 characters
Page Description4000 characters
Question Text4000 characters
Text4000 characters
Custom Error Messages (required questions)250 characters
Custom Variable Name50 characters
Custom Variable Label255 characters
Matrix/Rating Scale questions (row choices)250 characters
Matrix/Rating Scale questions (column choices)100 characters
Multiple Choice questions200 answer choices
Checkboxes questions200 answer choices
Dropdown questions 500 answer choices
Ranking questions 250 answer choices
Multiple Textboxes questions200 answer choices
Matrix of Dropdown Menus questions9 columns
200 rows
200 answer choices per menu
Matrix/Rating Scale questions16 columns
100 rows
Questions100 questions per page
5000 questions per survey
Pages400 pages per survey
Please note these are the hard limits for survey designs. You might reach practical limits sooner or have issues loading your survey around 200+ pages or 1000+ questions if (1) you're using a lot of complex logic (2) you use a lot of text formatting, images, or videos or (3) the speed of your network connection, CPU, or RAM isn't strong. We suggest breaking down large surveys into two or more smaller surveys.

What counts towards character limits?

When you add formatting to your text—like creating a link, bolding text, or changing the font color—HTML tags are added, which count toward any character limits.

Taking a Survey

There isn’t a default character limit on questions with open ended text fields, like Textbox and Comment Box questions. However, if survey creators chose to validate open-ended fields, then people taking the survey may run into length or formatting limits. Survey creators can also require people to submit answers within a specific range.

If an error message on a question is preventing you from completing the survey, contact the person who sent you the survey.

A list of survey design and character limits you may encounter while creating or taking a survey.

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