Harvard K-12 Parent Survey

We teamed up with researchers at Harvard Graduate School of Education to create a survey for parents that assesses various aspects of their children's family and school relationships.

The K-12 Parent Survey helps educators gauge how much help students are getting at home and how well a school's academic program, social climate, and organizational structure match student needs. Drawing from academic literature, parent interviews, focus groups, expert panels, and survey design best practices, the research team developed questions to address many key areas.

To use the K-12 Parent Survey:

  1. Click +Create Survey.
  2. Click Start from an Expert Template.
  3. Select the Education category.
  4. Find the K-12 Parent Survey.
  5. Click Use this Template.

Feel free to customize the survey: You can add your own questions, delete questions from the template, and edit the survey theme.

If you're collecting responses on behalf of different school districts, create a Collector for each school. Then you can Filter by Collector to view survey results by school.

If you're having parents fill out the survey offline, you can print the survey. When the surveys are returned to you, you can manually enter the responses.

Learn more about the K-12 Parent Survey.