Why is my export not opening or is the file blank?

Requesting the HTML, Summary Spreadsheet, or PDF export may cause a pop-up blocker to prevent the full download. This mostly happens if you have your browser configured to not allow pop-ups.


File is Blocked:

All summary files are exported directly to your computer from our network. If the file is not delivered, consider the following:

  • A pop-up blocker may be preventing access to the results.
  • Please mouse over the address bar in your browser window. You should see a blocked status.
  • Right click on blocked file and force it to come through.


File is Blank:

If you received your export and cannot open the file with the embedded export URL, then it is most likely the following:

The files are compressed and require decompression software like WinZip to open. You can access a trial version of WinZip @ www.download.com. Click here to access a version of Stuffit (if on a Mac).

arrow Learn more: Compressed files and file types


File is Corrupt:

Receiving a "file is corrupt" message typically indicates any of the following:

  • Confirm that you have decompression software installed on their computer. All exported files are delivered in a compressed format. There could be an issue with your decompression software or an issue with the application trying to open the export file. 
  • You might try WinRar: (http://www.rarlab.com/)

This may solve some issues, but a common cause of this error message is an anti-virus software interfering or firewall restrictions interfering with the download.

In some cases, disabling or turning down anti-virus will allow the file to come through uncorrupted, in other cases bringing down the firewall, or allowing an exception for our domain will alleviate the problem.


Additional Information:

Go into Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), choose Tools - Folder Options then click on the File Types tab.

  • Scroll down and highlight the ZIP extension, choose Advanced and check the Confirm Open option.
  • What this does is prompts you with the dialogue box to Run, Save or Cancel.
  • Hit Save and then you can open the file.