Why can't I log into my account?

When logging into your account, both the username and password fields are case sensitive.

  • Make sure that all characters are correct (e.g. upper case vs. lower case). If not, the system will show you the following message:

Account Authentication failed based on the information provided. Please verify and try again. (Note: for your added security passwords are case-sensitive.) 


Four Steps to Troubleshoot:

If the information is correct and you keep experience difficulties logging in or cannot see the surveys, you may have a faulty cookie on your web browser.

NOTE: Initially test the troubleshooting items suggested in these four steps below. If these do not resolve the issue and you are still unable to login, please send us the following information:

  • What operating system are you using?
  • What browser type and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 6 or 7 and so on)?


Step 1 - Confirm Our URL: 

Access our full URL of: http://www.surveymonkey.com.

If your account has SSL encryption enabled, you may need to add the "https" at the beginning when you type out our URL. 

The addresses below are not valid formats for logging in:

  • surveymonkey.com
  • surveymk.com
  • IP address of the homepage.


Step 2 - Clear Cookies: 

  • If you cannot login by using our full URL, please clear your cookies to force a logout. 
  • Click on the logout button on our homepage and then try logging back into the account.
  • If this does not work, close your browser session and then log back in to the account using a new browser window.

Clear SurveyMonkey cookies:

As a final step, please close your Internet session and then delete our cookies under the Internet options (General tab) in your control panel. Also, in the Internet options, go to the privacy tab and make sure that www.surveymonkey.com is listed as an allowed site from which cookies are accepted.

  • To clear cookies, please select the Tools option from your browser's menu bar.
  • Next select Internet Options. Clear our cookies is located under the General tab in this prompt.
  • Finally close all of your open browsers. Open a fresh browser and login again to your account.


Step 3 - Consider your Browser Settings: 

If you are using Internet Explorer, check to see if your privacy setting under Internet options is set to HIGH. This may be causing an issue with cookies. We suggest lowering the setting to MEDIUM. (You can always bring them back up later.)

  • There is a list of approved sites in IE's menu header located under Internet Options -> Privacy.
  • If you have surveymonkey.com, but DO NOT have the full www.surveymonkey.com, then the issue may occur again, because we are require all users to access www.surveymonkey.com, so that domain would also need to be allowed.

Finally close all of your open browsers. Open a fresh browser and login again.

Try a different browser: 

It could also be due to compatibility issues with your browser. SurveyMonkey.com works with all major browsers. Try on other browsers or test on a different computer.

If clearing cookies doesn’t do the trick, please test the survey through a different browser. You may want to try Firefox (it's free!):



Step 4 - Check for Proxy/SpyWare: 

If none of these things work, it could be a problem with your network not allowing access to our site, for which you would need to contact your IT department or network Administrator. 

It may be the following: 

  1. Your computer is not writing the cookie that is required by our website to keep track of your session (i.e. whether or not you are logged into the account).
  2. You are behind a proxy server which is having some type of caching issue (i.e. rather than loading the file from our servers, it is loading the file from its own memory).

Have you attempted to access your account from another computer that is on the same network as your current computer? Have you attempted to access your account from a computer which is outside of the network? Were you able to access the account in either of these scenarios?   

If you are able to log into your account from computers that are within your network, then perhaps there is some security software installed on your computer that might be preventing our website from writing cookies for either browser - maybe a spy-ware blocker or a firewall of some type? 

If you cannot access your account from any computer on your network, then perhaps it is because you are behind a proxy server which may be causing a caching issue. Many proxy servers, in an effort to boost efficiency, cache frequently requested web items. Perhaps, after you submit the login form, rather than getting the appropriate page from our servers, your proxy server is loading the file from its own cache. If you have an IT professional who handles your network, you might ask him/her if this could be a possibility.