Respondents Can't Access the Survey

When you hear that respondents are having trouble accessing the survey, it can be incredibly perplexing.  However, there's a surprisingly easy fix in almost all cases, and most of the time all you have to do is have your respondents click the link again and get taken to the right spot.  

These common scenarios all have simple fixes.  Click the topic that sounds most similar to your respondents' issue to skip ahead to the solution.  

If respondents report:

If Respondents Arrive at a Thank You Page Instead

Chances are quite high that the survey is set to only record 1 response per computer, and if a respondent clicked through the survey but didn't answer anything thinking they could come back, or if somebody at the same computer had already taken the survey; this is a likely scenario.  To fix it, here's what you can do for all collector types except the email invitation:
  1. Click the Collect Responses tab pertaining to your survey;
  2. Click the name of the collector (for example, Web Link or Facebook Survey), 
  3. Click Change Settings from the left-hand gray column;
  4. Under "Allow Multiple Responses" choose Yes, allow multiple responses.
  5. Click Save Settings from the upper right; and have your respondent try to click the link again— no need to resend!  

That should solve the problem, and respondents can try again!  If you used an email invitation collector, this method is set to allow only one response per email sent so unfortunately you'd need to create another collector for this case.

If Respondents are Prompted to Log into SurveyMonkey

Almost always when we hear of this, it's because the survey preview link was sent out instead.  If the URL you sent out has the word "PREVIEW" anywhere in it, this is the case.  

Solution: Create a collector to send out instead

The quickest way to do this is to create a web link
  1. Click the Collect Responses tab respective to your survey;
  2. Click Add Collector and choose Web Link
  3. Click Next Step.
  4. Copy and paste the URL into an email to your respondents, hyperlink to it from your website, or distribute however you need!
For this scenario, you will need to send the link out anew.

If Respondents Report Being Asked to Answer a Demographic-type Survey

If respondents mention anything about being asked how much soda they drink, how often they watch TV, their income levels or political leanings; they clicked on a link for SurveyMonkey's Contribute program.  

How a respondent can arrive here is varied, but rest assured clicking on your survey link won't give respondents these unrelated survey questions.  Usually what happens is as a respondent finishes the survey, they arrive at a page that says clearly "Thank you for taking the survey".  On this page, there is occasionally an ad for our Contribute program; where people can opt in to take surveys.  The only way for a respondent to be asked to take this survey would be if they accidentally or purposefully clicked that link; opted in, and proceeded.  

To prevent this, you can change the survey completion settings if you're on a GOLD plan or higher; or on any plan free or paid you can add an end-page to your survey letting respondents know to close their browser tab since the survey is finished.

If Respondents Report Not Being Able to Proceed Through the Survey

There are a handful of culprits that can cause this, and unfortunately almost always they're due to an oversight in the survey design itself.  You'll want to go through possibilities at our article here, and just have the respondent try again (no need to resend the link, just have them click it again).