What happens if a person clicks on the Opt Out link?

Respondents can remove themselves from receiving email invitations from the account that sent the message by clicking the [Remove Link] in the original email message. This link is uniquely associated with their email address and that collector. When the recipient receives the follow-up confirmation email, they can choose to stop receiving surveys from the one account that sent the message.

What happens to these emails?

If a respondent decides to opt out of the survey, his/her email address will be marked as opted out from your address book and email lists.

It will appear with a red check mark next to it.

  • The email is still in the system but you, as the survey administrator, will not be able to send any more messages to that email.
  • In addition, you cannot opt those emails back into the list. The owner of the email must opt him or herself back into your list.

How can respondents opt in again?

The respondent can opt in on this page: Opt In Page