What are Instant Results?

SurveyMonkey's Instant Results allows respondents to view results upon completion of the survey. You can use this feature with any collection method such as Facebook, emailweb link or an embedded survey. Once respondents click the [Done] button, they are instantly shown a summary view of the data. This feature is available to all plans - even with a free, BASIC account! Professional users have an additional benefit of incorporating any Survey Completion option with Instant Results.


How to Enable Instant Results:

  1. Click the Collect icon collect to create a collector for the survey. (If a collector has been created, click the name of the saved collector instead and move to step 3.) 
  2. For a new collector, choose the collector type and click [Next].
  3. Click the [Change Settings] button.
  4. Scroll to the Display Survey Results? option. By default, "No" is selected.
  5. Select the option of "Yes, display results after a respondent completes the survey".


Limits on How You Can Use Instant Results:

A. Open-Ended Question Types: The following are not considered displayable question types in Instant Results and will not be included:

  • Comment/Essay Box
  • Single Textbox
  • Multiple Textboxes
  • Demographic (US) or (International)
  • Date and/or time 

B. Question Number and Response Size Limits:

  • If there are more than 15 displayable question types (non open-ended questions), results will not be shown. Ex: If your survey has 20 multiple choice questions, this feature will not work.
  • If all questions are open-ended types, then results will not be shown.
  • If there are more than 10,000 survey responses, results will not be shown.
  • BASIC users will only see up to the first 100 responses as this is a limitation of the plan type.

C. Embed Collector:

  • When using this collector type, it is best to use shorter question titles.
  • If you have large titles in the design, then viewers will have to use the scroll bars within the embedded frame to see the results.


Common Questions with Instant Results:

1. How do I get back to the Instant Results after completing the survey? As a survey respondent, there is currently not a way to get back to the results once you move to the survey completion options.

2. Why aren't the numbers changing?

  • If you are BASIC user and once you have reached 100 responses, there is a limitation with this account type as you can only view the first 100 responses. If you want people to see all responses, then you will need to upgrade the account to a Professional plan.
  • As a Professional subscriber, once 100 responses has been reached, there could be up to a 10 minute delay for a new response to update. This is due to a cache delay.

3. Why are there no [Next] or [Prev] buttons? If only one question in the survey is displayable (non-open ended), then you will not see those additional buttons.

4. How do I hide or show the number of results for a question? This is a part of the Instants Results display setting. You can turn it on or off under the [Change Settings] button of the collector.


lightbulb Consideration for Respondents to Print Responses:

Using Instant Results does not allow a respondent to print his or her individual response upon completion. We suggest the following, to do so:

  • Include instructions in the survey that respondents can print each survey page as they progress using their web browser's printing options. Before clicking the [Next] and [Done] buttons, a respondent can use the browser's printing options to print the current page of answers. (Note: If the check marks are not visible, the respondent may need to do the following: Not Printing Checked Answers.)
  • Or you can configure the Share Responses URL as the Survey Completion redirect option. Enable it to "Share Summary of Responses + View and Browse Individual Responses". Next, paste that URL as the Survey Completion redirect option. (Note: This is a public link. Respondents can view all other responses when you enable the browsing capabilities. You cannot use this feature if you are to maintain anonymity.)