Scheduled Maintenance - October 1

SurveyMonkey is scheduled for planned maintenance from 8-11 am PST on October 1. During this period, you may experience intermittent connectivity issues when attempting to access any SurveyMonkey page or function. This includes all activities when logged in to your SurveyMonkey account as well as the ability to collect new responses. Thanks for your patience.

Viewing SurveyMonkey Audience Results

After you complete your SurveyMonkey Audience purchase, you can monitor the status of your project and start viewing responses to your survey in real time. For information on analyzing your results, scroll down the page.

TIP! Watch our SurveyMonkey Audience video tutorials to get a better idea of what it's like to launch your own project.

Monitoring Your Project

You can monitor the status of your project from the Collect Responses section of your survey. Click your Targeted Audience Collector to view the following details:

  • Your estimated delivery date (the date you can expect to have all your responses)
  • The number of completed responses you've collected
  • The targeting criteria you chose
  • Your abandon rate (the percentage of people who exit your survey before completing it)
  • Your incidence rate (the percentage of people who qualify for your survey based on your screening questions)
  • A PDF summary once your project is complete
What counts as a completed response? The number of completed responses you ordered includes anyone who reaches the end of the survey and clicks the Done button. If a respondent is disqualified or exits the survey on their own, this does not count towards the total number of completed responses. Occasionally, you may collect more finished responses than you requested—we give you those extra responses for free!

Paused Projects

If many respondents exit or abandon your survey after starting it, your survey will have a high abandon rate (or, in other words, a low response rate).

We automatically pause projects that have a higher than average abandon rate to give you an opportunity to make any necessary changes to your survey or targeting criteria and improve the quality of your data.

How do I reactivate a paused project?

If your project is paused, an Audience specialist will email you directly with survey recommendations. Once you're finished with your survey revisions, please reply to the email confirming your changes and we can reactivate your project.

Unfortunately, we can't reactivate a project if it pauses a second time. This is to ensure that you're receiving quality data and that our survey respondents continue to receive surveys that are relevant to them.

Why do projects pause?

Projects often pause if a survey is too long or confusing. Complicated Matrix questions, long or unclear introductions, and consent statements that aren't set up properly can cause respondents to abandon a survey. Learn how your survey design can improve your response rate.

Respondents may also abandon your survey if they feel it isn't relevant to them. Make sure the respondents you're targeting find your survey relevant. See an example of how to target an audience.

Editing a Live Survey

It's not possible to edit your targeting criteria after you've completed your payment. You can edit your survey design after you purchase your responses, but editing options are limited when a survey has already collected responses.

Editing your survey design after you launch your project can cause issues for respondents and your results. Respondents that take your survey after you make changes will see the updated version of the survey, which may not align well with the results original version.

Analyzing Your Results

You can view responses to your survey in real time from the Analyze Results section of your survey. There are lots of ways to analyze your data:

Demographic Information

If you created a Targeted Audience Collector, we automatically provide certain demographic information about respondents in your survey results, including age range, gender, annual household income, region, and the type of device used to take the survey.

To break down your results by different demographics, apply a filter rule to the SurveyMonkey Audience questions found at the end of your survey results.

TIP! If you used a Targeted Audience Collector to buy responses, demographic information varies by the country of your respondents. See breakdown of demographic information »
You can monitor the status of your project from the Collect Responses section of your survey and view responses to your survey in real time from the Analyze Results section of your survey. Your project may be paused if your response rate is low.

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