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    Classic Design is our original survey design tool. New Design is our new survey design tool that is currently in beta.

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You can create an unlimited number of surveys with any plan. However, the number of questions you can use per survey and the total number of responses you can view depends on your plan type.

You can create your own custom surveys. This tutorial walks you through the steps and provides links to more detailed sections in our comprehensive help center. Also, feel free to click any of the topics below for more precise help in the area you're looking for:

gray-check Creating & Titling the Survey Form

gray-check Adding Questions & Managing Pages

gray-check Using Advanced Design Features

gray-check Sending & Deploying to Your Audience

Take a look through our quick video to get started, or follow the instructions below.


Creating & Titling the Survey Form

Here's how you'll want to get started to create a new survey:

  1. First, from any page in your account, click Create Survey from the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. To create a totally new survey, pick Create a new survey. Enter a Title in the "Title" box, and pick a category (for your reference only).
    • If you'd prefer to copy a survey, pick Copy an existing survey & assign a Title and Nickname.
    • If you'd prefer to use a template, choose Use an expert survey template. Click on a Category and then click the Survey Template.
  3. Click Continue.


Adding Questions & Managing Pages

We have over a dozen question types you can add to your survey. A best practice, since respondent answers are recorded as they turn pages in the survey, is to keep the number of questions per page small. Also, this means the respondent doesn't have to scroll and makes the survey feel more manageable and effortless for your respondents. Here's how to add questions and page breaks:

  1. From the Design Survey tab, click Add Question.
  2. The dialog window will open for you, with Question Type and Question Text visible. Type the text of your question, and then pick your question type from the drop-down question type menu. See question types and formatting options.
  3. If you'd like to add another question directly after, click Save & Add Next Question and repeat as necessary.
  4. When you finish your last question, click Save & Close. Now you're ready to add page breaks.
  5. Scroll to the part of the survey you'd like to divide with a page break.
  6. Between your groups of questions, click Split Page Here.
  7. Enter a Page Title and Page Description for your respondents to see.
    lightbulb Tip! This is a great place to enter text for a header or section title.
  8. Click Save Page.


Using Advanced Design Features

On our paid plans, we have an abundance of advanced features. There are too many to break out here, but click on any of our links to click-by-click answers and directions:

Sending & Deploying to Your Audience

Once you've created the design of your survey, now you're ready to send or deploy it to your audience. We offer a number of ways to do this:

Here, we'll walk through our most universal collector type— the generic web link.

  1. From your Design Survey tab, click Send Survey. This button is located up in the right-hand corner.
  2. You'll land on your Send your Survey page. You can copy and paste this URL to email, post to Facebook, or print.

lightbulb Tips!

What about Analyzing Responses & Results?

We just happen to have a tutorial (with a video!) on this very topic. Check out our tutorial on analyzing results.


ê Create a Survey

To create a new survey, click +Create Survey in the upper right corner of your account and choose from the following options:

Build a New Survey from Scratch: Create a survey completely from scratch. You will start with a single blank page and will need to add and write the questions yourself. You can also use our Question Bank to access thousands of survey questions written by our methodologists.

Edit a Copy of an Existing Survey: Create a copy of an existing survey on your account. Themes, logos, logic, and other survey design settings will carry over to the copied version of the survey.

Start from an Expert Template: Use this method to start with a template designed by SurveyMonkey methodologists. The questions used in these pre-made surveys are written to reduce bias and utilize best practices for data collection. You can still customize the survey and questions when starting from a template.

ë Build Your Survey

Once you create your survey, start by adding questions. You can choose from several question types in the BUILDER section of the sidebar, or choose a pre-written question from the Question Bank. When you add a question, take a look at the options under the Edit and Options tabs to further customize the question.

If you started from a template, review the survey and see if there are opportunities to personalize the template. Most of our pre-written questions allow you to customize certain parts of the question text to ensure that the question is relevant to your survey. You may also want to add additional questions of your own, or remove questions that aren't useful to you.

If your survey is long, distribute your questions across multiple pages. Respondents will feel they are making progress as they reach each new page, and it can help you organize your survey into logical sections.

í Apply Logic

After your survey questions and pages are already in place, it's a good time to apply logic to the survey. We offer several logic options you can use to control the behavior of your survey and enhance the quality of your data.

For example, you can use Question Skip Logic to control the path of respondents based on their answers to previous questions. Or, you can use Question Randomization to reduce order bias.

ì Customize the Design

After the structure of your survey is in place, and your logic is working smoothly, you can focus on fine-tuning the appearance of your survey with design and display options. You can show or hide elements on the survey page, add a logo, and create a custom theme.

î Preview the Survey

Always preview and test your survey before sending it to respondents so you can catch any mistakes or logic issues.

TIP! View A Guide to Using New Design for a quick visual overview of how to use our design tools.