How do I turn off the IP addresses collection on the responses?

Under the Collector's Change Settings button, you have the ability to choose if the IP addresses are to be Saved or Not Saved in the results. 

  • If you need to disable them after data collection has started, then the IP collection can be turned off at any time.
  • If IPs are turned on again later, only the new responses going forward will store them.

To ensure completely anonymous responses, make sure to click the following option when prompted by the Save IP Address section in a Web Link collector:

No, the respondent's IP addresses will not be stored in the survey results

NOTE: If you are using an Email Invitation collector, you will need to turn off the email address storage instead. This also turns off the IP address collection on the responses.

  1. Click on the [Collect] icon collect  next to the survey title on the My Surveys page to create a new collector. Or click on the title of a current collector to access the current settings.
  2. Click the [Change Settings] button.
  3. Scroll to Save IP Address in Results? section and choose to either save or not save the IP Address. Click the [Save Settings] button when you are finished.