How do I send the original message to a new recipient?

Sending the original message to a new respondent through our Email Invitation Collector works a bit differently than email systems like Outlook or Gmail. This is because you don't see a "forward" or "resend" button. You need to create a new message inside that existing collector, and then schedule that delivery to your new recipients. Make sure to upload your new recipient(s) into the existing collector list. While you are composing the new message, you have the ability to copy the body of the original message into the new one.

Please follow these steps to resend a message to new respondents: 

  1. From the My Surveys page, click the Collect icon collect next to the survey that houses the existing collector.
  2. This opens the Collector summary page to show you a list of saved collectors. Click  the title of the saved collector that has delivered the first message. This opens the Message Manager for that survey.
  3. To add your new invitee(s), click Edit Recipients and then click the Add Recipients.
  4. This opens the manual entry mode prompt.
  5. Where it says to Add Recipients Manually, type (or paste) in the new invitees' emails into the second option. (*Or you can choose to pull emails from the address book or from a previous collector.)
  6. Click Add Recipients when you are finished.
  7. Click Create New Message to Send, which immediately opens at the top of the page.
  8. Choose who on the list is to receive the message. Since this email is new, s/he will probably be the only one in the Unsent status.
  9. Choose the option to send the message to those in the New/Unsent status (or you can choose the custom criteria method).
  10. Compose the body of the email and schedule the delivery. Only the new email(s) added to the list will be sent the invitation.