Making Surveys Anonymous

Setting up your survey to collect anonymous responses depends on the type of collector you use:

  1. If you use a Web Link collector (or any other collector), you must configure it to not collect IP addresses.
  2. If you use the Email Invitation collector, you must configure it to not save the email addresses (in the Analyze section) and not to collect IP addresses.


Web Link Collector:

This method does not track names or emails (unless you expressly ask for these details in your survey). For complete anonymity, configure the options under the [Change Settings] button to not track IP addresses.

Scroll to the Save IP Address in Results? section and choose to not save the IP addresses in the Analyze section.

  • As responses come in, they will be marked as a Normal Response in the Response Type field. There will be no name or email associated with them.
  • The IP collection can be turned off at any time, even after the data collection has begun. However, this will not clear any IP addresses already collected (i.e. these will still be visible if you export your data into the All Responses Collected format but not if you browse results through the web interface.)
  • If IPs are turned on again later, only new responses going forward will store them. 


Email Invitation Collector:

With this collection method, SurveyMonkey sends out the survey on your behalf. To keep the email/name hidden on the response, scroll to the Save Email Address in Results? section choose to not save the email on the response.

  • The email address status of Responded or Not Responded is tracked in the Edit Recipients list of the collector.
  • However, the email will not be visible on the response.


Check Respondent Status:

In the Edit Recipients section of the Email Invitation collector, you can verify the response status of an email. If you have the setting to No, the respondent's email address will not be stored, the following happens:

  • You can click on any email in a "Non-responded" status. A prompt opens that allows you to [Remove] it from list.
  • You can only view emails in a "Responded" status. You cannot click on the email to remove it from the list.


Privacy Tip:

Put your survey recipients at ease by informing your survey respondents about whether their responses are being provided anonymously. You can add a privacy disclosure for your survey by inserting it as introductory text on the front page of your survey.

You can also refer your survey respondents to our FAQ for more information: Are my survey responses anonymous and secure?