Finding a Survey

At SurveyMonkey, we provide the tools for organizations and individuals to create surveys and distribute them to their audiences. To answer a survey, a URL is required to access it online. If you're not able to reach the survey you're supposed to take, you'll need to contact the person who initially sent you the request to participate.

I'm supposed to take a survey, but I can't find it!

The author of the survey should have provided you with a specific link to access the survey, or a website where you can reach it.  You'll want to contact them so they can track the exact survey down for you.  We'd love to help, but to ensure you get to the right survey we recommend getting in touch with the creator or the person who initialy contacted you about it.

I have the link, but I can't get to the survey.

If the link does not open the survey, this can be caused by a couple of problems.  One reason may be that there's a typo in the link you were given.  In this case, you'll want to review the link to check for the following common problems:

  • Make sure the link begins with an ‘http://www’.  This beginning portion of the link is required for the link to work.
  • Look over the link for any common typos such as mistaking a lowercase letter ‘l’ for an uppercase letter ‘I’  or an uppercase letter ‘O’ for the number ‘0’.  
  • If clicking on the link does not work, you might also try copy and pasting it into the URL field of your web browser.

Alternately, if the link is intact, it's likely the settings or restrictions configured by the survey creator that are preventing you from taking the survey.  You'll need to drop the survey creator a line so they can modify the settings, or give you insight on what to do next.

Do I have to sign up or log into SurveyMonkey to take a survey?

You definitely don’t have to sign up or log in to SurveyMonkey to take a survey-- in fact, whether you’re a member or not bears no impact on your ability to take surveys from our other users! If you’re seeing this screen ( it’s purely optional to sign up for SurveyMonkey Contribute as a panelist, and is in no way in conjunction with the survey one of our users may have sent you.