How do I create a cover page or introduction?

To create a survey introduction, consider between the following options:

  • Use the Page Description section to present this information.
  • Use a Descriptive Question.
  • Create an outgoing message for the Email Invitation Collector.


A. Page Description:

Use the first page of the design to display the cover letter. There is a limit of 4000 characters, so you are limited in the amount of information to be added into the box. (*You can follow up with a Descriptive Text question to include more text.)

  1. On the top of page 1, click the [Edit Page] button. In the Page Title textbox, underneath the prompt to"Enter a short title for this page", replace the Default Section text with the text of Introduction.
  2. Click the [Save Page] button.


B. Descriptive Question:

Another option is to use a Descriptive question on the first page. You would not need to edit the Page Description area. Simply have your introduction information located within this question-type.

This also has a character limit, but you can essentially create a 2nd, 3rd, etc. question on this same first page to include all of your information.


C. Email Invitation Message:

If you use our mail server to create an introduction in the outgoing message, the invitation is what your respondents will see first. Upon their initial glance of the message, recipients could send it directly to SPAM if you ignore these important tips: 

  • Avoid SPAM language
  • Include your contact information, how you got the email address, the survey intention, what you will do with the data, if it is anonymous, etc.
  • Personalize the message. Include the name of your respondents in the body.
  • Do not use SPAM words in the subject title like all caps, money symbols, etc.
  • Use a professional reply email address.
  • Indicate how long the survey takes to complete and indicate the cutoff date.

For a full list of considerations, please refer to the following files for tips on increasing a survey's response rate:

arrow   Response Rates & Surveying Techniques

arrow   Email and SPAM Filters


lightbulb Survey Design Tips:

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Include a privacy statement to put respondents at ease: See here for more details.