Using the Ranking Question Type

You can use our Ranking question type whenever you have a scenario where respondents should be ranking answers. This question type enables respondents to assign only a unique weight for each answer choice-- for example, they can't select two answers as their #1 choice.


How are the Answers Chosen?

Respondents can reorder the list for a ranking question in a couple of different ways:

  • Respondents can drag and drop the answer choices to re-order them as they wish.
  • Respondents can type the number corresponding to the ranking they're assigning

lightbulb Tip! If respondents are reporting that the choices aren't reordering, often this is reported when answer choices look very similar.  When the answer choices reorder the change is immediate.  If the answer choices are about the same length, respondents can be confused if the change has already taken place or not.  Let your respondent know they can drag and drop the choices and this should reduce confusion.


Creating a Ranking Question

For the following example, we're using 5 items that would need to be ranked from best to worst. We highly recommend clarifying in your instructions that respondents can drag and drop the answer choices or type the ranking into the drop-down box so that it's clear to your respondents how to answer this question type.

  1. Click the Design icon design to start creating the survey.
  2. Click Add Question.
  3. Choose the Ranking question type from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the text of the question into the Question Text box. (Example: Please rank the following items from best to worst by dragging and dropping the choices)
  5. Enter the five items to be ranked into the Answer Choices box.
  6. Click Save.

You'll want to clarify whether respondents should rank from their top choice down (or vice versa) in the question text like the example above.

An additional aside is that question and answer piping is not enabled for this question type, and piped answers can't be piped to or from ranking questions.


Add N/A:

You can add a N/A option or equivalent. When respondents tick this checkbox in their response, it will gray out the answer choice so they can rank the remaining lines. Just tick the checkbox, and if applicable, edit the text displayed. Note that editing the text in the N/A box to be longer or shorter also changes the size of the drop-down menu for picking the numerical rank for respondents.

The "Add N/A" option is given a value of 0 if you should apply it. It isn't calculated in the response average because the system assigns a zero value to that column choice and automatically subtracts any responses submitted to the N/A choice when calculating the response average.


lightbulb Tip! You can also edit the question size and label space. For complete instructions and details, check out our article here.

Use a Ranking question so respondents can rank answer choices in order of preference. Weights are assigned to answers based on how the respondent ranked them. An average ranking is calculated for each answer choice so you can see which answer choice was highest ranked overall.